Three Reasons to Give Wine Instead of Flowers

Whether you are looking for a great Holiday gift or want to surprise your special someone with a romantic gesture, wine may garner more excitement than a flower basket or the standard dozen roses. Here are three reasons to give wine instead of flowers for any special day or event.

Wine can be Saved and Savored

Flowers are a gift for today. Even the best green thumb can only keep the bouquet bright for a few days, but wine can be savored days, weeks or even years from the gift date. This makes it a great gift for busy days like birthdays or holidays. With an assortment of special activities and gifts, flowers are appreciated, but get lost in the hubbub. A bottle of wine can be taken out later and the great day remembered.

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Wine is an Experience

Flowers are lovely to sight and scent, but wine is an experience for even more senses. You can elevate the experience accordingly by sending wine in a gift basket. A favorite wedge of cheese, specialty fruit or crackers with a decadent spread allow the gift recipient to luxuriate in the flavors, textures and smells of your gift. You could even get really creative and pair a fruity bottle of classy wine with alluring bubble bath and a candle for a homemade spa treatment!

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Wine can be about Time

Gift giving experts often stress the importance of time and personal touches. Consider giving the recipient a coupon for four bottles of wine during the year along with shared snacks or dinner. Your mom, spouse, or adult child will probably appreciate spending special time with you each quarter. For your best friend, you might consider sharing a bottle of wine on the deck for a special gab session. If you know a busy couple, your bottle of wine might come with a gift tag for babysitting services so they can enjoy the bottle unencumbered.

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When you give wine, you give a beautiful experience, time well spent and a gift that can be saved and savored. For those who still love the idea of fresh flowers, consider matching your bouquet with a bottle of wine in a similar shade for a beautiful gift basket that will be appreciated now and later.

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