Top Five Halloween Liquor Gifts

Top Five Liquor Gifts for Halloween

Halloween is a once a year celebration that can be a fun way to come out of one’s comfort zone and dress up in a costume of their choosing. One of our previous customers, Claire Davis, loves the holiday because it allows her to dress up as one of her favorite Disney characters and not feel weird about being in her thirties in doing so. Davis, ... read more

Gifts for the Bourbon Lover on their Birthday

gifts for bourbon drinkers on their birthday

Each birthday is a celebration of reaching another year of life and the best way to honor the milestone is with a bourbon gift. Spirited Gifts provides the best selection of gifts for the bourbon lover on their birthday. This article will highlight five different bourbons to consider giving that special person in your life. These are the ... read more

Bottle Engraving Completes a Perfect Birthday


Bottles of liquor come and go, but an engraved bottle lasts a lifetime. James’s friends wanted to provide him the best birthday gift to celebrate his 30th birthday. Turning 30 is a huge milestone in one’s life — representing an age of maturity and celebrating the previous contributions to society. Therefore, James’s friends decided bottle ... read more

Gifts for Bourbon Lovers to Celebrate Rosh Hashanah

Bourbon Gift: Wild Turkey Master's Keep 17 Year Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

  The Jewish new year falls on sundown on Oct. 2 and ends at sundown on Oct. 4. It will mark the Hebrew year of 5777. To celebrate the new year, Jewish people often dip apples into honey for a sweet new year. There are few better customs in life than pairing the sweet taste of apples and honey with the crisp taste of bourbon. Therefore, few ... read more

Bourbon Gifts are Perfect for Any Occasion


Perfect Gifts for the Bourbon Lover. Face it, Bourbon lovers know what they like. You cannot simply say, “I’ll have a bourbon” and expect the bartender to hand you a drink. Bourbon is a complex liquor and there are many varieties of it. The taste of bourbon changes depending on the age, the liquor proof, and, also what it is made from, Bourbon ... read more

Girl’s Night In Has Never Been This Fun!


Send Liquor Gifts for Your Girl’s Night In. We all have that special group of friends that we enjoy spending time with. Whether it is going out to the movies, spending the day at the beach, or having a “girl’s night in”, it is always fun hanging out together. You don’t always need to go out to enjoy yourselves, set a date to stay in. For your ... read more

Gifts for Bourbon Lovers.


Gift a gift of Bourbon and Cigars for Guy's Poker Night. When it is your turn to host poker night, it is time to impress. No beer and peanuts are invited to your party. You are here to play in the big leagues. Not only understanding the game is of importance, but also knowing what to serve your guests. When inviting colleagues, partners, and the ... read more