Top 8 Wine Varieties to Pair with Thanksgiving

Dinner on Rustic Wood Table

With such a large array of food at the average Thanksgiving meal there is a lot of room for error when choosing a wine to pair. Don't make the mistake and serve a wine that overwhelms the palate, so much so you can't even taste the meal, or bring wine the host would be embarrassed to serve.  Don't get me wrong, Thanksgiving is about love, ... read more

Beaujoulais Nouveu 2016 Has Arrived…


Beaujoulais Nouveu is a French wine that is released annually celebrating the year's harvest! And the 2016 harvest is being released today! In the United States November is all about celebrating Thanksgiving, but across the world wine lovers are waiting for the 3rd Thursday of November, not the 4th, because they want to celebrate the release of ... read more

Great Gifts for Celebratory Occasions: Wedding Gifts

Laurent-Perrier Rose Champagne (Engraved Bottle)

Elijah Harper was looking to send the perfect wedding gift to his best friend from college, Liam, and his soon to be wife, Sophia. Harper knew the couple were avid alcohol enthusiast and wanted to gift them a present that they would cherish. Due to Liam and Sophia’s past alcohol consumption, Elijah had a difficult decision to make. Elijah was ... read more

Five Outstanding Tips for Rewarding Employees

spirited gifts

It is important that every company has a reward system that is both strategic but also carefully aligned with their goals.  Generally, companies choose to recognize employees in four areas benefits, compensation (or monetary ways), general recognition and appreciation. However the problem is when it comes to general recognition and appreciation, ... read more

12 Unique Wine Gifts you won’t find anywhere else

12 Unique Wine Gifts you won’t find anywhere else

Giving а wine lover a custom wine gift set is а brilliant idea, unique to their personality and tastes. And you don’t have to be a wine expert to find one!  Your recipient will use and enjoy the wines over time, constantly reminded of the generous friend that sent them. When considering wine as a gift option the choices are endless… is it a good ... read more

Chardonnay Voted Most Likely to Succeed


American wine-drinkers vote with online orders, wine shop purchases and restaurant drink tabs, and Chardonnay is the clear winner. Ask for a glass of white wine at any restaurant and the chance is they will give you chardonnay if you don’t specify. This classic and versatile wine makes up over 21 percent of all vineyards in California, beating out ... read more

Glass Gossip: What Celebrities are Drinking

Brad and Angelina Wine

Ever wonder what some of your favorite celebrities like to drink? You see pictures of them at bars and restaurants, and although some are on the wagon after stints in rehabs, there are others who seem to drink responsibly and enjoy what’s in their glass. Here is a look at a few celebrities and their purported favorite cocktails. ... read more

Gifting With Liquor? Let’s Talk Essentials!

2013 Hot Holiday Liquor Gifts

         Today, it’s easier than ever to send liquor as a gift since you can send alcohol online. Here are some great suggestions for liquor gifts, including liquor gift baskets, personalized gifts and unique wine gift sets. With the holiday season just around the corner, and other gift giving opportunities on most every day of the year, we ... read more