Double Dipping is Good!

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Calling all grooms looking to get their groomsmen something fun and unique! Are you racking your brain for a great groomsman gift? We have your answer! Engraved NFL Logos on their Favorite Bottle Men and football are like peanut butter and jelly, they just go together. Engrave a bottle with a special message and personalize it with your ... read more

Great Gifts for Celebratory Occasions: Thank-You Gifts

Ardbeg Corryvreckan The Ultimate Single Malt Scotch Whisky

To show appreciation for another person’s time, hard work and effort, consider one of our excellent liquor gifts, which range from the best gifts for bourbon lovers to engraved whiskey bottles. This article will provide several recommendations that any recipient will love. These liquor gifts are among the most highly reviewed from our company. ... read more

Duke Kentucky Straight Bourbon for John Wayne


Relived John Wayne's legacy through Duke Kentucky Straight Bourbon   Another addition to Duke Spirits is the Duke Kentucky Straight Bourbon. The birth of this brandy is to honor John Wayne, a legend in American Film history whose real name is Marion Mitchell Morrison. Duke Kentucky Straight Bourbon is produced by Monument Valley ... read more

Spirits to Pair with Thanksgiving Dinner

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With Thanksgiving on the horizon, it's time to gift and pair.  If you are bringing a host or hostess gift this year to Thanksgiving dinner or if you wish to gift something to someone since you won't be able to make their get together its smart to pair the meal with a spirit that embodies the flavors of fall and complements the classic dishes of the ... read more

Five Outstanding Tips for Rewarding Employees

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It is important that every company has a reward system that is both strategic but also carefully aligned with their goals.  Generally, companies choose to recognize employees in four areas benefits, compensation (or monetary ways), general recognition and appreciation. However the problem is when it comes to general recognition and appreciation, ... read more

12 Unique Wine Gifts you won’t find anywhere else

12 Unique Wine Gifts you won’t find anywhere else

Giving а wine lover a custom wine gift set is а brilliant idea, unique to their personality and tastes. And you don’t have to be a wine expert to find one!  Your recipient will use and enjoy the wines over time, constantly reminded of the generous friend that sent them. When considering wine as a gift option the choices are endless… is it a good ... read more

Chardonnay Voted Most Likely to Succeed


American wine-drinkers vote with online orders, wine shop purchases and restaurant drink tabs, and Chardonnay is the clear winner. Ask for a glass of white wine at any restaurant and the chance is they will give you chardonnay if you don’t specify. This classic and versatile wine makes up over 21 percent of all vineyards in California, beating out ... read more

50 Reasons to Give a Gift


Do you want to save a little cash during the yearend Holidays?  Then give your clients gifts during other times of the year.  This is one of the ways that companies can do things differently than their competitors.  Instead of giving your client a gift during the regular holiday season, try giving that same client an alternate gift some other time ... read more