History of Happy Hour

Vintage Happy Hour

Frugal drinkers know the exact definition of happy hour, that reverend few hours where their favorite drinks are half off at their local bar.  While we are grateful for this bargain hour not many of us can say where it originated. The next time you grab cheap drinks and snacks at 5 o'clock with some friends, you may want to consider raising a glass ... read more

Glass Gossip: What Celebrities are Drinking

Brad and Angelina Wine

Ever wonder what some of your favorite celebrities like to drink? You see pictures of them at bars and restaurants, and although some are on the wagon after stints in rehabs, there are others who seem to drink responsibly and enjoy what’s in their glass. Here is a look at a few celebrities and their purported favorite cocktails. ... read more

Gifting With Liquor? Let’s Talk Essentials!

2013 Hot Holiday Liquor Gifts

         Today, it’s easier than ever to send liquor as a gift since you can send alcohol online. Here are some great suggestions for liquor gifts, including liquor gift baskets, personalized gifts and unique wine gift sets. With the holiday season just around the corner, and other gift giving opportunities on most every day of the year, we ... read more

Classy Gifts for Boss’s Day

Bosses Day

Boss's Day is just around the corner.  Have you already come up with the perfect gift ideas for your Boss? In 1958, Patricia Bays Haroski registered October 16 as National Boss's Day with the Chamber of Commerce.  She chose that date in honor of her father's birthday since she was working at his State Farm Insurance Company at the time. Four years ... read more

7 Adult Frappuccinos for National Frappe Day

Frappe with Alcohol

Today is National Frappe Day and while I am a little disappointed that Starbucks is not giving me any freebies I am still excited enough to whip something up in the kitchen when I get home.  Now what would make a Frappe even better on National Frappe Day? Adding alcohol of course! Here are some of our favorite recipes utilizing the liquor cabinet ... read more

Top Bourbon Picks for National Bourbon Heritage Month

bourbon gifts

Bourbon has proven itself as a stand out contender of the spirits over the past few years with its resurgence and extreme popularity. We have watched the revival of pre-prohibition cocktails as well as the creations of a savvy new generation of mixologists. Whatever the cocktail, bourbon may be at its heart. ... read more

Gin Makes a Fashionable Comeback

gin cocktails

As far as clear spirits go, gin might be our absolute favorite. Its herbal flavor lends itself to refreshing cocktails like gimlets, punches, and smashes, and even does well in boozier drinks like martinis. And there’s nothing better in the summer than a limey G&T. This is one classic you’ll want to rediscover again and again. ... read more