Send Liquor to Celebrate a Promotion

Deleon Leona Tequila

Lisa Eldridge had a predicament: she learned that her husband will receive a promotion within the next two weeks and Eldridge wanted to give him a gift he would cherish and appreciate. When Eldridge reached out to one of our skilled representatives, she shared her husband’s preference for liquor, which mainly leaned toward the expensive options. ... read more

Give the Gift of Liquor.


We all have that one person who is impossible to shop for. Whether it is because they have most everything, or perhaps your taste in gifts are completely opposite. No matter the reason, don’t waste time going from store to store and just picking “something” out because of frustration. Give the gift of liquor! At Spirited, you will find ... read more

Duke Kentucky Straight Bourbon for John Wayne


Relived John Wayne's legacy through Duke Kentucky Straight Bourbon   Another addition to Duke Spirits is the Duke Kentucky Straight Bourbon. The birth of this brandy is to honor John Wayne, a legend in American Film history whose real name is Marion Mitchell Morrison. Duke Kentucky Straight Bourbon is produced by Monument Valley ... read more

5 Must-Try Flavored Whisky Brands

1whisky brands

Over the last few years, flavored spirits have gotten more creative.  We’ve seen odd flavors like “smoked-salmon vodka to tequila with hints of cacao. Whisky distillers have jumped on the bandwagon too releasing a large range of flavored bourbons and ryes. Jim Beam’s extremely popular Red Stag line is one that comes to mind immediately.  The ... read more

Spirits to Pair with Thanksgiving Dinner

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With Thanksgiving on the horizon, it's time to gift and pair.  If you are bringing a host or hostess gift this year to Thanksgiving dinner or if you wish to gift something to someone since you won't be able to make their get together its smart to pair the meal with a spirit that embodies the flavors of fall and complements the classic dishes of the ... read more

Johnnie Walker Collection

Johnnie Walker Collection

The brains behind LVMH have come up with the perfect gift for scotch lovers. The Johnnie Walker Collection has been redesigned and upgraded to get rid of the the average Red Label  and replace it with the coveted Platinum Label. The Collection stands out as one of the top whisky gifts you can send to scotch aficionado’s for any occasion. Johnnie ... read more

The Super Elite Tequilas

Kah Tequila

Tequila is the type of drink that gets a bad reputation because of the company she keeps. She's been known to hang around dives and beach joints, cozy up to wayward party girls and keep late night company of a questionable sort. That doesn't mean there aren't some super elite tequilas riding top-shelves, however. Here is a look at three elegant ... read more