The Most Popular Scotch and Whiskey of 2016


The spirit with many titles, that can be aged like a fine wine, is always sought after and a popular choice. The Scots and Irish lovingly refer Scotch as Scotch Whiskey, adding an "e", whereas in other parts of the world it is spelled Whisky. Americans have adopted the term Whiskey as well, except in Tennessee and Kentucky, where it is made with ... read more

What’s in That Whiskey?

Iron Smokes and Rattlesnake Rosie's Gift Basket

Iron Smoke Whiskey Distillery is one of many New York Distilleries, but this hand-crafted whiskey has an edge above the rest.  There are big names producing apple whiskey, but none can compare to the complex layers in Iron Smoke.  Their whiskey is packed with flavors of apple wood smoke, which creates a one of a kind whiskey. Musician and founder ... read more

The Five Best Fall Bourbon Gift Ideas

Bourbon Gift: Jim Beam Devil's Cut Bourbon Whiskey

The five best fall bourbon gift ideas are ideal gifts for the bourbon lover in your life. These are expertly made in unique processes, which make each of these bourbon gift ideas highly sought after from our previous customers. These good bourbons for a gift are ideal for a range of occasions, such as birthday’s, job promotions, and more! Each ... read more

Bottle Engraving Leaves a Lasting Impression

Engraved Bottle: Macallan 21 Year Fine Oak Single Malt Scotch Whisky (Engraved Bottle)

Completed with careful attention to detail, bottle engraving leaves a lasting impression on the recipient of the liquor gift. It provides a deeper connection, as the recipient becomes part of the liquor that the person is consuming, with their name or a simple message adorned on the side. The following our recommendations for those seeking to ... read more

Best of 2016: Top Five Gifts for the Bourbon Lover

Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey

As the year reaches its conclusion, it is time to recognize the best bourbons of 2016. These bourbons — which will be recommended in this article — make excellent gifts for the bourbon lover in your life. To ring in the new year, one wants to provide the best gifts for bourbon lovers. These good bourbon gift ideas include the following: ... read more

Gifts for the Bourbon Lover on their Birthday

gifts for bourbon drinkers on their birthday

Each birthday is a celebration of reaching another year of life and the best way to honor the milestone is with a bourbon gift. Spirited Gifts provides the best selection of gifts for the bourbon lover on their birthday. This article will highlight five different bourbons to consider giving that special person in your life. These are the ... read more

Gifts for Bourbon Lovers to Celebrate Rosh Hashanah

Bourbon Gift: Wild Turkey Master's Keep 17 Year Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

  The Jewish new year falls on sundown on Oct. 2 and ends at sundown on Oct. 4. It will mark the Hebrew year of 5777. To celebrate the new year, Jewish people often dip apples into honey for a sweet new year. There are few better customs in life than pairing the sweet taste of apples and honey with the crisp taste of bourbon. Therefore, few ... read more

Bourbon Gifts are Perfect for Any Occasion


Perfect Gifts for the Bourbon Lover. Face it, Bourbon lovers know what they like. You cannot simply say, “I’ll have a bourbon” and expect the bartender to hand you a drink. Bourbon is a complex liquor and there are many varieties of it. The taste of bourbon changes depending on the age, the liquor proof, and, also what it is made from, Bourbon ... read more

7 Classic American Cocktails for the Fourth

7 Classic Cocktails (1)

We took seven classic cocktails and modernized them using Craft Spirits from the USA. The Manhattan Remade with Breuckelen Distillery Whiskey, this classic is now a Brooklyn. The Brooklyn 3/4 oz Dolin Sweet Vermouth 2 1/2 oz Breuckelen Distilling 77 Local Rye and Corn Whiskey 1 dash Fee Brothers Bitters 1 maraschino cherry 1 twist orange ... read more