Top 8 Wine Varieties to Pair with Thanksgiving

Dinner on Rustic Wood Table

With such a large array of food at the average Thanksgiving meal there is a lot of room for error when choosing a wine to pair. Don't make the mistake and serve a wine that overwhelms the palate, so much so you can't even taste the meal, or bring wine the host would be embarrassed to serve.  Don't get me wrong, Thanksgiving is about love, ... read more

Beaujoulais Nouveu 2016 Has Arrived…


Beaujoulais Nouveu is a French wine that is released annually celebrating the year's harvest! And the 2016 harvest is being released today! In the United States November is all about celebrating Thanksgiving, but across the world wine lovers are waiting for the 3rd Thursday of November, not the 4th, because they want to celebrate the release of ... read more

The Hottest Tequila in Hollywood


Don Julio 1942 is the hottest tequila in Hollywood!  This beautifully designed bottle is our #1 seller among celebrities right now.  From Kendall Jenner to Scooter Braun, these are just a few of the stars that are toasting with Don Julio 1942. Don Julio 1942 This handcrafted tequila is a tribute to the year Don Julio began making his tequilas. ... read more

The Trendy Moscow Mule


One of the most trendy vodka cocktails right now is actually a throwback!  The Moscow Mule aka Vodka Buck, first came on to the scene in the 40's.  Three friends: one the owner of a popular restaurant, another the owner of a vodka company, and the last the president of a vodkas company were hanging out and chatting over appetizers.  They decided to ... read more

Happy 21st Kendall Jenner!


We have been busy engraving and among the many bottles and messages we see this special bottle caught our attention.  What a great way to memorialize someone's 21st birthday, and according to social media this was a very special, very publicized 21. Hailey Baldwin decided to buy her bestie, Kendall Jenner this special bottle to cheers with this ... read more

The Secret to Creating Productive and Happy Employees During the Holidays


Everyone has heard the saying, “happy wife, happy life” well, the same rings true on the job front, “happy employee, happy company” …it might not be as catchy, but the consequences are the same!  Most corporations will experience a lack of productivity during the months of November through December.  According to AllOnHealth, "They’re present at ... read more

Fall Inspired Cocktails


As we say goodbye to summer and embrace all the new flavors fall has to offer we need to re-think our cocktails. Enjoying a relaxing drink goes hand in hand with our mood, which can easily be determined by the climate around us.  As a we start to feel a chill in the air, our mood might reflect a desire to drink and eat something that appropriately ... read more

7 Adult Lemonade’s for National Lemonade Day


National Lemonade Day is August 20th and we have some boozy recipes to help you celebrate the end of summer. Representing all the different types of alcohol you are sure to find a recipe to your taste. Cheers! Tito's Vodka Lonestar Lemonade 1 oz Tito's Handmade Vodka 1 oz limoncello 1 oz sweet and sour mix 1/2 oz agave nectar 2 lemon ... read more